Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm



Councilman Matthew Staton, Councilman Charles Nash, Mayor Charles E. Vines, Councilman Andy Palmer, & Town Clerk Kelli Beam

general government


The Town of Bakersville has a Mayor Council Form of Government.  The Council is comprised of a Mayor and three Council members.  The Mayor is elected every four years and Council members serve staggered 2 or 4 year terms.  The Council member with the highest number of votes at each election receives the 4 year term.  All elections are on a non-partisan basis.  The Mayor presides over the Council meetings, and the Council is the chief administrative unit of the Town.

The Mayor and Council meet in regular session the last Monday night of each month at 6:00pm at the Bakersville Town Hall board room, located at 26 South Mitchell Ave.

code of Ordinances/minutes

The Town of Bakersville's Code of Ordinances and Minutes are available for public inspection at the Town HallHere are links to copies of our most requested ordinances.